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When Pastors Arthur & Alverna Shadwick launched Sticky Marriage in 2017 it was out of a burden to help couples maneuver through the landmines and struggles that face marriages everyday. Unfortunately, we live in a time where marriages are under fire and don’t last very long with high divorce rates running prevalent in our society. We wanted to change the narrative. We wanted to create real, relevant and practical resources to help couples to make love stick. Sticky Marriage was also geared for those individuals who desired to be married to understand the blessings and yet the challenges of being in a godly relationship.



Arthur and Alverna Shadwick are visionary leaders, dynamic speakers and christian life coaches. As national speakers ministering at conferences, revivals and workshops their ministry transcends socioeconomic and denominational barriers, that brings powerful messages of faith that resonates among people from every walk of life. The Shadwicks are very passionate about helping couples explore God's design for a biblical marriage. For well over a decade, Pastors Arthur and Alverna have helped countless individuals discover timeless truths through their humorous, relevant and practical approach to teaching. Arthur and Alverna are also the founding Pastors of The Gathering Church located in Hackensack, New Jersey.

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